"For I know the plans I have for you', declares the Lord..." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, August 11, 2013

27-29 Week Update... Sorry for the delay! :(

29 Weeks, 3 Days

It goes without saying, I have been a bad blogger! I have no idea where 3 weeks went and why I wasn't able to get one picture (or at least give you an update). So sorry! Here is your 27, 28 and most of 29 week update....

27, 28 & 29 Week(s) Update: 

How Far: 29 weeks, 3 days at time of photo. 

Gender & Name: We have our 3D/4D Ultrasound on Tuesday so hopefully they are able to confirm she is still a girl, at that time. :) I think it's safe to say Brynlee is set in stone but as for her middle name... (as I mentioned in a previous post, Cozart likes to change his mind.... a lot) I still would like it to be Dahl but Cozart feels it should be something biblical or something that means "Gift from God" or something of the sort. She just may end up with 2 middle names. Not a huge deal, accept it would totally mess with all the monogramming I'd like to do! ;) 

Movement: She is still very active and still often while I am trying to fall asleep. And she likes to jab me in the bladder. I am constantly feeling a rhythmic pattern of movement which I am convinced is hiccups. Although, Cozart seems to think I'm crazy. 

Sleep: I have been experiencing some serious sciatic pain over the past 2 weeks which has really made sleeping (or lack there of) a ton of fun. [insert sarcasm font] I also seem to wake up as I normally would, earlier on, only now, I can't get back to sleep for a prolonged period of time. I guess I should just chalk this up as preparation for what's to come, huh?

Maternity Clothes: Obviously! I'm not a fan of what is available and justifying the cost of something I will only (hopefully) wear for a another few weeks has become increasingly difficult. I think it would help if I didn't live in AFRICA... or at least a comparable climate. It's HOT.... REALLY REALLY HOT!!!! 

Symptoms: SCIATICA!!! Ouch! Round ligament pain... also OUCH! Sleepiness and irritability although I think both are more a result of the ridiculous heat. (Never thought this Minnesota girl would say this but... "Is it winter yet?") Even with the aches, pains and heat, I am still all consumed with joy and overwhelmed by this little blessing growing inside of me. 

Aversions: Nothing

Cravings: Ice cold water because.... Did I mention it's HOT? 

What we've been up to in weeks 27, 28 & 29: Fabric was ordered and has been delivered to my Mom's house for her to work her magic! Her room has been completely cleared out, painted and the new trim installed. We also have gone through all of our crap valuable possessions and held a garage sale to get rid of what we didn't want. What didn't sell will be donated and/or put on craigslist or ebay. We registered for our child birth and newborn class as well as the breast feeding class. 

What I am looking forward to in the coming week: Our ultrasound on Tuesday (fingers crossed she cooperates and we get some good pictures). Picking carpet and having it installed so we can start buying her furniture. I'm not really "excited" about the breast feeding class, which is also Tuesday, but it will be good to check it off the list. Showering Baby Dylan and Leanne on Sunday. And getting to see one of my BFF's, Ashley. 

So much going on and I don't anticipate it slowing down anytime soon. It's so hard to believe she will be here in less than 3 months!!!! YIKES!!!!! 73 days to go......................


  1. 73 days!?!?!? Is this real? Genny, this is going to FLY BY! You look beautiful! Hope the ultrasound goes well tomorrow!

  2. I GET TO SEE YOU SUNDAY!!!! AAAAHHH! Can't wait to see you and hug the belly! Love you!!!