"For I know the plans I have for you', declares the Lord..." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Single Digits Remaining.... YIKES!!!!

My feet have officially disappeared...

32 Weeks, 6 Days

Weeks 31 & 32 Update:

How Far & Size: 32 weeks, 6 days at the time of the 2nd photo. At 32 weeks, she is said to be the size of a squash. Weighing approximately 3.8lbs and measuring between 15.2 and 16.7 inches long. And I can feel every centimeter of her squirming! 

Name:  We received the lettering I ordered for her wall, so there is no turning back now, Brynlee is set in stone (or wood)! Still no further discussion regarding the middle name....

Love it!!!

Movement: Still moving like crazy, although she has her lazy days. I can definitely tell she is filling up any left over space in there. Even the slightest movement can about knock me off balance. 

Sleep: 4:30am seems to be my normal waking hour lately. Although, I am happy to say I have been able to fall back to sleep fairly quickly the last few nights. 

Symptoms: Well I started wearing heels again, and miraculously, the sciatic pain vanished. I guess flats aren't always the best option, especially if you're anything like me and wore 4"+ heels every day pre-pregnancy. Heartburn has become more and more frequent and has increased in severity. Tums, chocolate milk or almond milk are my saviors these days. Shortness of breath is something I seem to struggle with every morning and right after I eat.  And last but not least, I am just not comfortable sitting or lying in certain positions for very long. I know it may sound as if I'm complaining, but I can assure you I love every ache, pain, jab, discomfort, etc. They are constant reminders of this little miracle growing inside of me and how far we have come to get to this point. Which reminds me of one last symptom, I'm pretty stinkin emotional! I can't remember the last church service I sat through when there wasn't tears streaming down my face at one point or another. Even the most ridiculous of TV shows leave my eyes puffy and my nose running. (Kay and Phil renewing their vows on Duck Dynasty really had my going, just to give you an example.) 

Cravings: Root beer is still tasting exceptionally delicious, although I wouldn't say it's something I "have to have". I also, did make Cozart take me to Menchies for some frozen yogurt on Monday. :) 

Week 31 & 32 Progress: The carpet is down! Yay!! And the crib, stroller and car seat arrived today! Curtains are hung (I still need to steam them though) and her name will be once the crib is put together. 

The week ahead: I am kind of looking forward to one last week of nothing pressing before all the craziness ensues.  We have baby showers and get togethers with friends and family, classes and weekly doctor's appointments, work stuff I have to do before I am officially on maternity leave and just the overall anticipation of her arrival and it all starts next week. So for this week, my only plan is to take time to count my blessings!! 

The first of many blessings is my sweet baby nephew, Cole. I am happy to report he is doing GREAT! (if you missed his story, you can read it here) He is no longer relying on assisted breathing, has been moved out of the NICU and is very much enjoying being held by Mommy and Daddy. They hope to be able to bring him home in the next couple of weeks. I can't tell you how much I wish I could go see this little guy but for now, staring at pictures (like this) will have to do. Thanks for all your prayers for this sweet boy, they are certainly working!!! 

Is this guy precious or what!!!???


  1. Yay for baby Cole! Does my heart good to hear about survivors this morning! And he sure is precious!

    Genny, heels? Really?!?! You can't see your feet, but you're walking around in heels!? Amazing! Kudos to you! I can hardly walk in heels and I CAN see my feet and my center of gravity isn't pulling me down face first. : ) You're precious!

  2. Genny,
    3.8lbs? That's how much I weighed when I was born, so you know how Grandma Clarine felt at this point!

    Great report about Cole! That is so wonderful!

    I have to mention.... I've never really thought about children when I see them when I'm 'out & about' or see them on TV. But just the other day when I was Target, I actually really noticed the 'kid activity' around me (I usually tune it out). One little girl and her mom seemed to always be in the same area I was and the little girl was such a little talker (maybe about 3 or 4). Well, I found myself thinking, "OMG, this will be my Genny from now on"! I was so aware of the moms and their kids, cause it made me see what part of your days are going to be. This may not be a big revelation for a lot of people, but I was so much more excited for you and Cozart!!! Love you!!!

  3. Gah! Sciatica is the WORST. I'm not even pregnant but I've had it since APRIL. Absolutely terrible. Glad to hear the heels helped :) You're looking great and your nephew is adorable!