"For I know the plans I have for you', declares the Lord..." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, June 24, 2013

How can one little, tiny person need SO MUCH STUFF???

22 Weeks 4 Days - 122 Days until her (estimated) arrival!

Overwhelmed doesn't even BEGIN to describe how I am feeling these days about all the stuff that this little girl will need. And I am BEYOND overwhelmed over the amount of things we have to do before she arrives.

Cozart and I made a trip to Babies-R-Us on Saturday morning. I had taken the advice of a few people and started our registry online. I did as much researching of products, before we set foot in the store, as I could; I figured we had a pretty good head start. Our plan was to go in and see the items we had yet to see in person and make any decisions on the few items we were not able to decide on from doing our research. We would be there for an hour, hour and a half MAX... or so I thought. I am seriously laughing out loud over the level of naivety. 3.5 hours later we were walking out, exhausted, hungry and still not completely finished registering. The Babies-R-Us registry expert (who spoke much faster than my pregnant brain could think) gave us a suggested number of 200 items. We left the store with just over 40 items on our list. Yikes!!! I have to take a minute to give some BIG PROPS to my FABULOUS husband and Daddy-to-be! He was quite the trooper and much more actively involved in the registering process than I thought he would be. In fact, if it wasn't for him trying out every item we looked at, we may have made it out of there in half the time. I am so thankful for him and LOVE that he has an opinion in all this stuff. I was able to add items to the Babies-R-Us registry as well as completing the Target registry from home. We only have half the suggested number the registry expert suggested but it will have to do. There is just so much STUFF! And only time will tell whether or not she even uses half of it. 

I have to say, I am feeling some relief after finishing the registering process HOWEVER, we still have a MAJOR task ahead of us. For the past 8+ years Cozart and I have had the luxury of having his and hers offices in our little 3 bedroom house. These offices include: 2 closets FULL of very valuable stuff crap (including half my clothes and more coats than any Floridian should be allowed to own), 2 desks (Cozart's happens to be the size of 3), 2 office chairs, 2 filing cabinets, 2 book cases, 2 printer/scanner/fax machines, 2 dog crates, a day bed (which I have already sold, thankfully), a ton of Buccaneers memorabilia and several storage bins, all of which must be consolidated into 1 of the offices to make room for our peanut and ALL OF HER STUFF!!! Not to mention replacing the flooring in her room (my old office), painting and decorating. Thankfully, I am still able to move around quite easily but I can't imagine I will be as nimble or have as much energy in another few weeks. Every day that passes that a dent isn't made in this task, my anxiety increases. So much to do, and only just over 100 days to do it in. EEK!!!!!

22 Week Update:

How Far: 22 Weeks, 4 Days (at time of photo)

Baby Size: 11 inches long, approximately 1 pound (about the size of a spaghetti squash)

Gender: Girl

Movement: All the time and I love it!

Sleep: Some positions are getting increasingly more uncomfortable but, for the most part, still no complaints.

Maternity Clothes: Still wearing anything and everything stretchy I own in non-maternity. I did wear a pair of maternity shorts (a pair with the really heavy elastic band) to the movies on Father's Day. I almost took them off in the car on the way home. That elastic drives me batty! 

Symptoms: Sometimes I feel like I'm waddling... already! Ugh! Heartburn. 

Aversions: none

Cravings: fruit and root beer

Feelings toward pregnancy: It is FLYING by!

Best moment of this week: Registering, although time consuming, it was still fun. It's all becoming so real!!! ;) 

Until next week... my last Birthday before becoming a MOM and hopefully an update on the ENORMOUS amount of progress we made on the office consolidation process!!! 


  1. Your excitement just puts a smile on my face! But please, do leave your shorts on... hilarious! Glad everything is going well and that full on nesting can take over. Enjoy!

  2. I don't think you really need 200 items on registry! We are having twins and didn't have more than 150. You will get everything done and have fun with the nursery. That was my favorite part!