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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July....

23 Weeks 6 Days

23 Week Update:

How Far: 23 Weeks, 6 Days (at time of photo)

Baby Size: 11 inches long and just over a pound (the size of a mango)

Gender & Name: Still a girl as far as we know! ;) Her name is.... Brynlee Dahl Lawrence (her middle name has changed a few times so don't be surprised if it changes again. Dahl is my maiden name.)

Movement: She's still a little dancing queen and apparently she thinks 10:30-11:00pm is the best time to bust-a-move! Which also just so happens to be when I've just fallen asleep and not yet in a deep enough sleep to stay asleep. A taste of what's to come I guess. 

Sleep: Falling asleep doesn't seem to be a problem... staying asleep on the other hand.... not possible. I wake up either to let the dogs out, because Brynlee is dancing around and sometimes, for no reason whatsoever, I just find myself wide awake.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes, I finally broke down and bought a few dresses, a pair of pants and a couple shirts. Pants, shorts or anything with stiff elastic... no bueno! I'm ok in for about 30 minutes then I can't stand anything on my belly. Looks like I will be wearing dresses for the next few months. 

Symptoms: My energy level seems to have taken a nose dive but I don't blame it completely on being pregnant. The Florida heat and humidity always kicks my butt and it has been very hot and humid this year!

Aversions: none

Cravings: Root beer, fruit, anything sweet.

Week 23 Preparations: Registry finished! Cozart did a fantastic job going through his office. We found a smaller desk to replace the enormous one he has now. (Yay!) The old desk has been listed to sell. The fabric swatches came for Brynlee's bedding, crib ruffle, bumper, etc. My Mom is going to make it all so we will be deciding on fabric while I'm in Minnesota in 2 weeks. Next week: (Hopefully), the monster desk will be sold and our new joint office will be completely put together. 

Best Moment of This Week: Celebrating my Birthday with the thought of having this precious little girl here for my next birthday!

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