"For I know the plans I have for you', declares the Lord..." Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, July 12, 2013

25 (almost) down (WHAT!?!?!) ... 15 to go!

25 Weeks 1 Day

25 Week Update:

How Far: 25 Weeks, 1 Day (at time of photo)

Baby Size: 13.5 inches, 1.5 pounds (the size of a rutabaga - I will be googling this because I have no idea what a rutabaga looks like)

Gender & Name: As far as I know she is still a girl. Although, I have been told several stories recently, of friends or family members that know someone who thought they were having a girl until they actually gave birth. If that's the case with us, this little boy is going to wear pink like the strong man he will one day be! Her name is still Brynlee Dahl this week. ;) 

Movement: Not only am I feeling her kicks, punches, twists and turns; I am pretty sure I also felt hiccups last night. I just love feeling any movement (no matter how uncomfortable and even if it sends me running for the bathroom). I kind of wonder if I'll be sad after she is here and I don't feel her in my belly all day every day. It has definitely been a constant reminder of God's miracles and how blessed we are. 

Sleep: Some days are better than others. This week hasn't been so bad, which I can attribute to having a sick puppy who hasn't felt like going out 2-3 times in the middle of the night.

Maternity Clothes: Clearly (as you can see in the picture) there is no avoiding maternity clothes any longer. The stretchier the better. Jersey material dresses are my best friend right now and will continue to be for the next 3-4 months, I have a feeling. 

Symptoms: Round ligament pain... ugh! Stretching and expanding skin and muscles has also been a bit annoying. Shortness of breath is a common morning occurrence and it's getting more and more difficult to lean forward. Cozart better brush up on his toenail painting!

Aversions: nothing really

Cravings: Still sweets but mainly fruit

What I am looking forward to in the week to come: Going home to Minnesota!! It's going to be a jam packed 4 days but I am so excited for every minute of it! I am flying to Michigan to drive with my sister and 2 nephews to Minnesota on Thursday. 10 hours in the car with a 2 year old, a 6 year old and a pregnant lady... My sister could use your prayers! Friday we are wedding dress shopping with my sister! I didn't get to dress shop with my Mom and sister so I am super excited to get to experience this with Katey, my Mom, my sister-in-law Amanda and Katey's best friends. Friday evening, I am walking in the Relay for Life with my Grandma Dahl in memory of my Grandfather. Saturday, my Mom, sister and one of my best friends are throwing me a baby shower. And Sunday, I hope to spend the day with my Grandma who recently moved to an assisted living facility. Busy busy busy but I can't wait!!!

Today I am going to leave you with a picture that was taken at a wedding Cozart and I attended 2 weeks ago. I love this picture not because I think it's a better picture of us than another but because after it was taken is when it hit me that we are going to be someone's parents! 

Brynlee's Daddy & Mommy ;)



  1. You are just too stinking cute! Absolutely adorable! Can't beleive you're already 25 weeks... time flies! Glad to hear you're having a mostly enjoyable pregnancy... you deserve it!

  2. You are absolutely glowing! Enjoy every moment!

  3. You are beautiful!!!!! Time is flying!

  4. Could you be any more beautiful glowing mommy to be??!!!!Loved reading this ; - ) Brings back good memories.....