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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Year Older...

Tomorrow's forecast for Minnesota is lots of sun and 10° warmer than it will be here in Florida. My homesickness is cured! At least until September when the leaves start changing and my internal clock starts to tell me the weather should be getting cooler and it doesn't. Until then, I will enjoy the "cooler" Florida weather and be thankful I'm not at my parents' house or at my sister's in Michigan where neither have central air conditioning. ;)

 I celebrated the 6th Anniversary of my 29th Birthday on Saturday. I've never been one to feel the need to fib about my age or been embarrassed by it. After all, you truly are only as old as you feel, right? This year has been a little bit of a kick in the teeth though. In the world of baby making 35 is the magic age when a woman moves from normal, healthy, low risk, nothing-is-of-concern, still good (not as good as in your 20's but still good) chances of conceiving on your own to, high risk, chances of natural conception considerably drop, if you haven't been able to have a baby on your own and have yet to see an RE GO NOW... RUN... TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! And now you're REALLY up against the clock. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating just a tad. There are plenty of people that have healthy pregnancies, birthing beautifully, healthy happy babies well into their 40's, I understand this completely. The feelings of panic and being up against a clock are, however, in no way an exaggeration of how I've been feeling these first few days of my 35th year.

Despite falling into the high-risk category by turning a year older; I did have a very nice birthday. Cozart always does a great job making my day very special and this year was no exception. We spent Saturday at the beach with friends. Thanks to Beth and Vince for allowing our rowdy bunch (floating watermelons and all) to hang out by the pool all day. Hot sun and drinking can make for a crazy group. Saturday evening I came home to flowers from both my Mom and my Aunt. And Sunday, Cozart made dinner for me and his family. All in all it was a great weekend but a birthday wouldn't be complete without a little time to reflect on where I am and where I thought I would be at age 35. In an effort to be more positive, let's just say, I am NOWHERE where I thought I would be; but where we are, is ALWAYS where we are SUPPOSED to be.

In baby-making news: I had my first ultrasound this morning to see which side I would be ovulating on this month, as well as blood drawn to test my estrogen level. Good News: They found a predominant follicle on the LEFT SIDE!!! The nurse who performed the ultrasound said that she would venture to guess I would be administering the trigger shot this evening but I would have to wait to hear from Dr. D's nurse when she calls this afternoon. I'm starting to get a bit nervous as the end of the business day is fast approaching and I have yet to hear from their office. The shot is not given until between 6pm and 8pm but... I haven't been able to find a pharmacy that has the hormone in stock and if it has to be ordered, it will not be in until Thursday due to tomorrow being a holiday. Grrrr.... It's always something!!!

I will keep you posted....

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